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Welcome to Betapet!


Here you’ll find a variety of beautiful wall patterns produced using eco-friendly materials in the form of self-adhesive wallpapers that are super easy to apply, reposition and remove, allowing you to transform any space quickly and easily. It is as EASY to put UP, as it is to take DOWN.


BetaWall is the family company - behind it stands - Mother, Father and 3 little boys :) 

It is such a blessing that we can do all this together.


We have been completely obsessed with interior design and bold décor elements for our entire adult life. These are truly our creative passions and we knew we found the perfect combination in them when we discovered self adhesive wall-coverings.  The Peel and stick wallpaper is truly the easiest way to bring a little bit of art in your everyday life and completely can change and jazz up your space!

For us at BetapetWall the bold design patterns are passion and we care about the interior around us  -  so we combined our love of art with our own little business.

We are very happy that we can share our work with you! 



Betapet wallpaper Experts Since 2014

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